What is DDI?

Delete Dixie Initiative

The Delete Dixie Initiative is a coalition of students, faculty, and friends who wish to create a more inclusive campus culture. Our mission is to remove the word, “Dixie”, from the Alabama Fight Song (“Yea Alabama”) and replace it with a more appropriate term, such as “Bama”. 


Throughout American history, the term “Dixie” has been used in a direct or indirect reference to the Confederacy and the institution of slavery. One of the most well-known uses of the term comes from the 1859 song, “Dixie”. The song was first performed by a minstrel group, a group of white performers dressed in blackface. The performance was intended to represent a freed Black slave longing to return to the plantation of his birth. Soon after, the song became wildly popular in the south and was used as a Confederate war song. In fact, after Jefferson Davis took his oath of office to serve as the president of the Confederacy, the band played “Dixie”. The term “dixie” grew in popularity between the 1860s-1900s, often used in tandem with the Confederate flag, Ku Klux Klan groups, and other racially insensitive iconography. This was only the beginning. 


It is because of these ties-to the Confederacy, to racial subjugation, to a time of slavery and racial violence-that we must make a change. The University of Alabama considers itself the place where legends are made. We must now decide the kind of legend we hope to leave behind. We are not the pride of “dixie”, or of the “Old South”, but instead, the pride of the state of Alabama. We encourage you to explore the webpage, utilize the resources and action items, and reflect and share. 


How do we want to be remembered?

What is Dixie?

What is Dixie?

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DDI is not seeking to remove or ban the song "Dixieland Delight." That song is not officially associated with The University of Alabama, unlike the use of "dixie" in our fight song. By leaving the word "dixie" in our fight song that is supported and backed by the University, UA continues to perpetuate harmful language and ideals.